Network Bonding- Simon Kissel’s Contribution

Internet access has been so important nowadays. A lot of people are now switching to network bonding as a solution to poor Internet access. A common dilemma about network connection is poor and unreliable network coverage due to failure of media links. However, a unique network bonding solution formulated by Simon Kissel has helped a lot in resolving the problem.
Viprinet, a leading software developing company founded by Simon Kissel, provides the best solution as regard to bonding different WAN connections. It can bond all different media links and assuring the highest reliability and maximum bandwidth. With the common method of bonding media links, failure of links may significantly affect network connection. That is why Viprinet, based on Kissel’s bonding method, assures reliable Internet access even failure of links may occur.

RuggedVPN- Viprinet’s Next Generation Bonding Solution

RuggedVPN is a firmware that helps routers achieve their full potential. With optimized performance, it increases bonding capacity up to 80%. It allows transmission of information faster without buffering.What are the different features of RuggedVPN?

Such firmware has dynamic features such as:

• Increased efficiency. The bonding capacity increases up to 80%.
• Improved scalability. It supports greater number of users with the need of buying more hubs, connects through VLAN routing. It has IPv6 support as well.
• Increased fidelity. It has Distributed Forward Error Correction or DFEC technology that ensures up to zero percent packet loss.

This classic firmware help people in boosting their effectiveness in whatever area they are working in. It guarantees business continuity over critical applications. Indeed, such excellent features improve every person’s way of living.

Software companies have, truly, contributed a lot as regard to network technology. With the great and unique inventions of people like Kissel, the technological world is continuously evolving as it fills in the need of every human.

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