Different Types of kasinobonukset

Most the online casinos these days offer bonuses, mainly for the purpose of catching the interest of potential players and customers. For the record, it’s actually a great marketing strategy since most people get easily attracted from free stuff. What they don’t know is that these so called bonuses are not actually free for these bonuses are extracted from a very small percentage of all the payments or fees coming from the customers.

Furthermore, there are numerous types of bonuses from various online casinos. These bonuses correspond to different requirements that need to be met in order to redeem them. Different casinos implement different rules and regulations in order to receive the bonuses. Some bonuses are worth it but some are not.

Common Types of bonuses

The most common bonus is the welcome bonus. From the word itself, it can be redeemed once you register or participate in a game for the first time. It lasts for decent amount of time having an average of 7 days duration time. It gives bonuses after a game has ended, allowing you to win bigger prizes, aside from the winning prize. Whether you’re on the losing side or winning side, you’ll get this bonus either way. Author is an expert of kasinobonukset, go here for more interesting information.

Another type of bonus is the conversion bonus. This particular type of bonus allows you to get an extra percentage of virtual money from converting real life money into the online virtual money of online casinos. The most common bonuses are 150% and 200%. Some casinos offer as much as 300% on special occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Points to Remember

Some bonuses or some may call it kasinobonukset are only limited to certain types of games and some are available in any game. A word of advice, remember to always check the details of the bonuses before attempting to redeem them because some bonuses are more beneficial at larger exchange rates. Like for instance when you’re converting 50$ of money into, let’s say, 100 coins. Some online casinos offer 220 coins for 100$. From there you can get an additional 20 coins as bonus so it’s more preferable to exchange a 100$ rather 50$.

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